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About our Company:

Tailored Stock is a software that helps businesses manage their inventory.

Tailored Stock’s staff know how important it is to keep a clean inventory count for your business. Tailored Stock is a software tailored for you that will accelerate the process of accounting in your business. Tailored Stock was found due to the constant demand for inventory control to prevent loss/theft and keep a clean count of your inventory..

What we do is:

1. We require to know more about your interest and your business, all Tailored Stock clients need to answer a questionnaire about your business and your demands.

In Tailored Stock, we have worked with a consulting company that helped Tailored Stock ask about their 50 main concerns that can make a software profitable, efficient, and user-friendly. We understand that developing an inventory software is a hard task for a new business due to the inconsistency in demand of articles, services and clients.

2. We interview the client and agree about the terms of the to be developed software.

After reviewing and evaluating the questionnaire the team in Tailored Stock will brainstorm about the best possible way to develop this software and will then have an appointment for an online or physical interview in a one-on-one situation with the client to listen to all the clients concerns, demands and ideas.

3. We make an estimate based on hours needed for development and the fixed rate for the monthly plan chosen.

After evaluating the business situation, business plan and inventory management of the company, Tailored Stock will give a rough estimate of the number of hours needed to develop the software and also the monthly rate payment.

4. We show the advancements of the product as a draft to make sure that the client demands are satisfied.

In Tailored Stock we are proud that we are an only customer-based company that we want to give 100% satisfaction to every customer. We like to show the rough draft of the product to make sure that is going in the direction of the client’s idea and correct it. We understand that every business transaction and all the inventory is important and we design carefully to give that respect to the clients company.

5. We deliver the product and we provide you access keys, logins as your company needs.

Once the product is done, a representative will send you the link of the software and the access keys to such software. Each access key will be username and password protected. Some users can be managers and other may have less permissions.

6. We Back-Up your data for security purposes

In Tailored Stock we understand the frustration of accidents, it may happen that a manager deleted a customer account by accident or that a report was made incorrectly because of an employer accident. In Tailored Stock, we back up client’s databases to make sure no information is lost, but also to have a back-up data from a certain date to also compare accounts to be fraud protected, theft and any larceny.

Our Values

MISSION: To invite small to medium size companies to keep track of their inventory in a more productive way. In Tailored Stock, we are inspired by the overpriced companies that give a value to their software based on the capacity of the company. In Tailored Stock, we are firm with our prices to provide a better relationship with the costumer.

VISION: To be the most respected, and useful Inventory System in the market by providing fast responding costumer service, high-quality software and a reliable software that is made for each costumer individually.


Design it your own:

(100% Satisfaction Guaranteed): After answering the service survey, our staff will design the website according to the client needs.

Industry Management:

After answering the service survey, Tailored Stock will give a more general inventory management system that will satisfy most of the customer needs.


What should I do to make my business more efficient?

Barcode Services:

Useful Tips on how to scan barcodes in a user-friendly way.


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